EHE's group training/classes provide instruction year round!  By using basic basketball skill sets our players develop better movement and effectiveness on the court.  With intense repetitive drills we are able to enhance each players muscle memory making  each skill second nature! Training sessions include footwork, agility, shooting and position play!!

"Such an awesome program! JD Taylor is amazing with the kids! My son is 9 and gets individual attention but is also mentored by the older kids training." ~KALIE HOPE


Private sessions are perfect for those players ready to take it to the next level! With intense, intentional and direct instruction 1 on 1 with Coach Taylor, your athlete will see improvement in footwork, agility, ball handling, attack, and overall physical development!

SemiPrivate Sessions focus on overall player development in game situations.  These are functional sessions geared towards enhancing each skill set at game speed intensity.  Your player will see improvement on offense play, defensive play, basketball IQ and decision making!! 

Special Needs Classes are offered twice per month and are free to all Special Needs students (grades K-12).   Classes are fun for all and focus on the basic fundamentals of basketball and movement.

EHE Special Needs Class