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Group Training/Classes

EHE's group training/classes are year round.   EHE teaches and develops better moving players with the basic basketball skill sets to be effective on the court, with intense repetitive drills to enhance muscle memory and player identification.  Group training sessions train under "One More Better" by getting better one repetition at a time, allowing room for error to grow.  Weekly sessions target footwork, agility, shooting, and position play.  Follow the registration link for a list of all training sessions.





EHE also offers team training and team camps.   For information regarding team training and team camps.


Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private and semi-private training is available for those ready to move to the next level of their game.  Private/semi-private sessions are intense, intentional and direct.  One on one training is directed at the enhancement of specic skill sets through intense repetitive drills to develop the athlete.  In these intense sessions we focus on footwork agility, ball handling and attack and overall physical development of the athlete.


Semi-private sessions focus on overall player development in game situations.  Semi-private sessions or functional sessions enhance each skill set at game speed intensity.  This is where the player gets better at game speed basketball offensively and defensively as well as basketball IQ and decision making.

EHE Special Needs Class

Special Needs Classes are offered twice per month and are free to all Special Needs students (grades K-12).   Classes are fun for all and focus on the basic fundamentals of basketball and movement.